The King

A Mother’s Pride by Ivy McManus.

NOT when just metres from the finishing line of the 800m run, he stopped to help a mate who had fallen over (his ‘mate’ got up and finished 3rd, my son came sixth).

NOT when he sang on stage to an audience of hundreds.

No, my proudest moment came when he was in 1st Grade.  Every week his teacher would feature a different kind of music to play in the classroom during the day.

On this particular Friday, the teacher asked the class if anyone knew the name of the singer they had been listening to all week.

My son looked around at the other students, waiting for one of them to answer but no-one did.  The teacher asked again and my son, my glorious boy, rolled his eyes and raised his hand.

‘Elvis’, was all he said.

My heart near burst, ‘That’s my boy!’  I stood before the 1st Grade teacher with tears in my eyes, and in that moment I knew, for all the angst of being a first-time Mum, I must be doing something right.

ElvisPresleyAlohafromHawaiiLong live the King!


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