Precious Suzanne

I love animals.

We always had a pet in the family when I was growing up and we treated our pets as part of the family.

I consider myself a cat person, but there is special dog called Suzie who holds a special place in my heart.

In 2003, my 4 year old son Owen and I moved to a small town we ended up calling home.  One day during a shopping trip we visited the pet store and found two 10 week old puppies, brother and sister shitzu Maltese. Born on the 10th December, they were black and white, FLUFFY and sooooo adorable. We fell in love with the little girl and took her home.

Our first mission was her name. I wanted her to have a “pretty” name, not a regular puppy name like fluffy or snowy, but a girls name.

Owen was obsessed with Lord of the Rings at the time and wanted to call her Precious (said with the voice of Gollum).

We comprised…. and she became Precious Suzanne.

Suzie was our best friePrecious Suzannend. Wherever we went Suzie would be with us.  She made friends easily.  Humans and other dogs. Everyone knew Suzie!  She was sooo funny.  We taught her tricks…

We would put the end of her tail or the tip of her ear in her mouth and say, in a funny voice, “eat it” and she would pretend to chomp on it.

She liked to lay on her back and I would roll her back and forth and say “sweep the floor”. I swear it would look like she was smiling when we played.

But the best trick she learned was singing. Owen taught her. He was so proud of himself and amazed by Suzie. “Singing” involved Owen singing the Theme song to Spiderman over and over and Suzie would howl and howl. Without fail. She was a star!

Suzie was a great Mum, she had 3 litters in her time with us and my sister has a pup from her first litter named Izzy.

Suzie was not far from her 12th birthday in 2014 when she went to heaven.  I still get sad when I think about it.

I was at the shops and Owen found her when he got off the school bus. He thought she had fallen asleep near the road while she was waiting for him to come home. No.

Poor Precious Suzie.

My phone rang and my partner told me the sad news.  I didn’t believe him, I thought he was playing a weird joke on me. No.

He offered to bury her but I told him not to.  She was mine and I wanted to say goodbye. I left my shopping and rushed home.

Poor Owen. He was crying. We hugged and then we went to Suzie.  I unwrapped the blanket the was covering her. My partner said I shouldn’t but I had to see her.  Poor Suzie.  She looked asleep, but she was definitely gone.

I picked a spot for her, prepared it and laid her to rest. I made a head stone and picked flowers. I can see the spot when I look out the back window and still get a little sad.

We still talk about her and laugh about her funny ways. She had a crush on my partners best mate, she was a brilliant warning dog and could run 40km/hr!

I could never get her to learn to sit though!

Rest in peace Precious Suzanne. (A.K.A… Suzie Q.)



You were more than a pet, you completed our family.


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