A Tribute to Don Bradman (poem)

The Centenary of Federation
Our country now reflects.
Upon a sporting legend,
We now pay our respects.

65675-004-A554FFC5His poise and dedication
To this sport will linger on.
To cricket’s sporting hero,
The world just called ‘The Don’.

Hours-n-hours of practice,
With a golf ball and a wicket,
This young man named Don Bradman,
Mastered the game of cricket.

003932-don-bradmanThe spectators were mesmerised
When the Don faced his first ball,
He’d pick a point and drive it,
Then the umpire signalled four.

As the years went past and time ticked by,
The runs were still amounting.
When the Don retired from this great game,
The score board kept on counting.

He became our country’s icon,
A legend, national treasure,
To ask ‘The Don’ for an autograph,
It seemed to be his pleasure.

When Jardine and his bodyliners
Tried to change the game,
Don stroked each ball, a four, a six,
And forgot about the pain!

The day our sporting hero was finally laid to rest,
The cricket world just bowed its head,
Sir Don you were the best!!


by Waldo Bayley, Bush Poet from Humpty Doo

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