The Elsey (poem)

The Elsey stood for all these years, her spirit lives forever,
Through family generations, hard toil and nasty weather.


Floods and droughts these bushmen worked, with scrubbers, horses, cattle,
They took the good times with the bad, and ne’er gave up the battle.

Now Aeneas Gunn’s the boss man at the old Elsey Station,
And with his new wife, Jeanie, they caused some consternation.

The homestead staff were a funny mob,
The Scott-n-the Dandy dished out the jobs.

The drovers name was Dan, a quiet sort of man,
Out bush for weeks-a-mustering, he really loved this land.


A traveller passing by took ill, then taken to the homestead,
He was comforted all through the night, by morning he lay dead.

His grave is in the cemetery, down yonder by the road,
Although his spirit e’re lives on, the Lord has shed his load.

With the campfire burning, fish-n-steaks,
Then Cheon arrives with some Johnnycakes.

Jack-n-the Fizzer always clowning around,
And Bett Bett-n-dingo nowhere to be found.

In a world of its own stood the Banyan tree,
You can ponder your thoughts, in this place you are free.

In bed with the fever, his wife by his side,
On that very sad day, Aeneas Gunn he did die.

Now the lady in charge of this huge cattle station,
With her poise and her grace really charmed our nation.

Respected by all, through the great cattle runs,
Stands an elegant lady, her name Jeanie Gunn.


The Elsey stands amongst the best of all our cattle stations,
Proud families born and worked on her are the salt of the nation.

Now those people’s lives have been changed forever,
In this spiritual land called the ‘Never-Never’.

by Waldo Bayley, Bush Poet from Humpty Doo

elsey station

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