Simpson and his donkey.

“Despite the fear the men mostly took everything that was thrown at them. I saw some brave things at Gallipoli. One thing that made a big impression on us was the actions of a man we called ‘The Man with a Donkey’. He was a stretcher-bearer and he used to carry the wounded men down to the clearing station on the beach… This man, Simpson his name was, was exposed to enemy fire constantly all the days I was there, and when I left Shrapnel Gully he was still going strong. I considered, and so did my mates, that he should be given the Victoria Cross.” – A. B. (Albert) FACEY, A Fortunate Life

Simpson_and_the_donkeySimpson landed at Anzac Cove on April 25, 1915, and with a donkey he found soon became known to the men fighting at Gallipoli.  Together they are famous for transporting over 300 wounded soldiers from the frontline at Gallipoli.  He continued his work until May 19 when he was killed in action by Turkish machine gun fire.

In spite of ongoing efforts, John Simpson has never been awarded the Victoria Cross.  See ABC news article here.

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