Donate a story

Donating a story to Glass Onion Stories is easy.

There are only two conditions to stories we will accept at Glass Onion Stories, please consider them carefully before donating your story.

  1. Your story must, to the best of your knowledge, be true.  If we are in doubt we will ask you for clarification.  For example, many stories handed down through generations of a family may lose pieces here and there and require a little guesswork to fill a gap.  In a case like this, we are happy to publish.  If, however, we feel it is likely the story is not true, we will not publish.
  2. Your story must not be obscene.  Real life can be bloody, gruesome or ugly and Glass Onion Stories will publish these stories if we are satisfied they are based on true experience.  However, this is not the forum for stories whose only intention is to shock.

There are several ways you can donate a story:

  • send an email to with your story within the email, or as an attachment to the email.
  • photos are fantastic.  If you have any pictures to support your story, please send them at the same time as your story.
  • if you live in the Hobart region of Tasmania, I may be able to meet with you to record and transcribe the story for you.  Call Kitty on 0406 780 158 and leave a detailed message.
  • if you live in other areas of Australia and wish to record your own story, I will transcribe and publish.  Call Kitty on 0406 780 158 and leave a detailed message.

You are an interesting Australian,and Glass Onion Stories wants to hear from you!

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