Like-Minded Links

If you love peeling Glass Onion, you might enjoy these big-hearted sites and articles too…..


SMH – Sydney’s Old Shops

ABC – Mr-Veli

ABC – The-last-trolley-bus-driver

ABC – Remembering-women-convicts-hundreds-don-bonnets-in-tribute

NEWS.COM.AU – One woman’s honest take on parenting.

ABC – Gallipoli instruments restored by the AWM

ABC – ‘Soldier On’ help military veterans in civilian employment

ABC – Donated groceries delivered to rural families.

ABC – Drought Kids

SMH – Major Lean


Bring Them Home.  Sign a petition to the Federal Government to repatriate the bodies of 25 Australian Soldiers who died while on active duty during the Vietnam War.  These soldiers remain buried in Singapore and Malaysia.

Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia – stories written by Vietnam Veterans Melbourne

Lost Medals Australia – returning medals to the Veteran’s nearest kin.


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